It's also time to see what's left in the professional development budgets for your organizations and teams. For communication professionals and HR professionals asked to deliver communication programs, many in-house courses teach you about finance and business (highly recommended) but don't necessarily help you build upon your communication skills. Yet, limited budgets mean that only a limited number of employees attend international and local conferences focused on communication.

That's why two workshops (that have been delivered at international communication conferences) are available to help you build inner strength in your communication and HR departments.

The Employee Engagement Solution
This full-day workshop helps you understand the employee engagement system and culture built within your organization. We'll help your team of HR and communication professional create your employee engagement plan for 2017 in a collaborative atmosphere with set measures for success. The program also helps identify gaps or disconnects in the system through discussion.

The Strategic Internal Communicator
This full-day workshop helps you move from tactical work to more strategic work by helping communication and HR professionals change the conversation for better business outcome. We take you and your team through the evolution of internal communicator from implementer to one that has influence and impact on an organization's goals and results.

At Inner Strength Communication, we want to help organizations and individuals build inner strength and deliver results through strategic communication solutions.

Have some budget available? Get back to school at work! We'd love to help!

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I've always been a big believer in life-long learning and investing in myself. From making the decision to pay for my own IABC membership for the first few years of my career, to soaking up every book, article and opportunity that presented itself, I believe professional development (PD) has been a key contributor to my success.
As a consultant who specializes in Internal Communication, I have the chance to speak to a variety of executives looking for support. When asking about employee engagement, I push them to be very clear about what engagement means to them.
My advice was the same I give to all the colleagues I mentor, "If you want to stand out in the crowd of resumes and applications, you can't be afraid to brag a little and highlight what makes you successful."
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