Wellbeing is for US, DEI/EDI is for THEM

Are we responsible for creating divisions?

Advita Patel and I are speaking at the CIPD #FestivalofWork in London, England which is attended by 5000 #HR and #internalcommunications professionals.

Take a look at the hackathon from yesterday and the starkness of the work on DEI versus #Wellbeing and it tells a story of our professions.

it struck us that the reason #DEI is stuck is because we imagine DEI being for a few people while wellbeing is for all. This is a mistake.

DEI is for everyone. It's about inclusion, belonging and representation. And the solutions as identified by the post-its under Wellness could have been easily applied to both categories.

The change required for DEI to succeed involves everyone. It needs to be baked in, not sprinkled on top (not my quote).

We need to work together to create a world where everyone thrives.

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