Inner Strength Communication Inc. started in 2014 with a dream. I hoped to create a Communication agency that would provide culture, engagement and internal communication solutions to help organizations successfully manage change and deliver results. The purpose was always to position internal communication and those that delivered it as integral enablers of organizational success.

More than a business, building inner strength has always been a passion. So many internal communicators around the world are asking for more respect and strategic work, and so many leaders and organizations want to know why their investment of internal communication wasn't closing the gap on what employees understood and delivered.

We want to help organizations, and the communication professional in them, up their game at this critical time. That's why we're starting 2017 with a bang.

Expanded Team

To meet client demand, I knew I'd need some help. My expanded Inner Strength Team includes professionals I have worked with in previous roles and through IABC. Learn more about Andrea Bannister, Sandra Pakosh, Christina Alviano Davidson, Paige Gordon and Kim Oliver, on my updated website. We now can provide the right level of support for the right project at the senior, intermediate and junior level as needed.

New Website

After launching my inaugural website in 2014, it was time to evolve and expand our offerings. The new website includes an explanation of our services, case studies, and resources you can use. Take the time to look at the templates and tools now available.

Technology Partners

My Communicator's Toolbox blog series introduced me to a plethora of entrepreneurs and businesses now focused on building solutions to improve communication, engagement and culture. We've partnered with a handful of the solution providers we feel are the most promising. If you're looking for technology to help you launch employee apps, employee engagement, cultural fit, and rewards-and-recognition solutions, talk to us first. We've already done the research and are happy to recommend a solution to fit your needs.

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