I was thrilled when I first learned about the partnership between IC Kollectif and IABC to conduct research into Internal Communication. I've always been a fan of the numbers and the stories they tell.

Needless to say, I was excited to download the report today and it did not disappoint. For those of you passionate about Internal Communication, this is a must read. For those curious if Internal Communication is something that you need to have on your radar, I also urge you to read the report.

Lise Michaud, through the perspectives of executives, researchers, educators and in-house internal communication practitioners, tells the story of the growth of internal communication and the changes practitioners need to make in order to be relevant.

Here are some of my favourite personal highlights from the report:

  • Research findings confirm that business leaders are paying more attention than ever before to internal communication - According to The CEO Communications Audit, the one area of corporate communication that CEOs are most concerned about getting right is internal communication. The study is based on one-on-one interviews with 33 Canadian CEOs.
  • IC is foundational to successful external communication - Many CEOs saw internal communications as foundational to successful external communications. Many who spoke of the strategic importance of “corporate brand” discussed how internal communication was important in establishing the values or culture that would help reinforce the brand and how it is perceived by external audiences.
  • We need to better define the value and purpose of the function - While it is encouraging that CEOs seem to understand the support and impact internal communication has . . . there were still issues with their perception of the role.
  • We need to connect internal communication to business results - A clear line of sight between communication and business results must be championed by IC professionals
  • Successful practitioners are strategic - The report interviews a number of in-house practitioners on their success and it's clear that these practitioners have business acumen, are trusted advisers, and have earned their seat at the table through strategy.
  • Blurred lines but stronger distinctions - Internal communication professionals see opportunities as external and internal draw closer. Although teams are being brought together, there is an opportunity for better integration and collaboration.
  • Highly effective companies invest in internal communication - Research found a clear correlation of companies with highly effective internal communication and factors such as proximity of IC to leadership; IC's ability to collaborate with other departments; Measurement of IC activities; Listening as part of the IC strategy; and simply having an IC Strategy.

I encourage you to download the report and give it a good read.

I'm personally excited about this report as we get ready to bring our first-ever Strategic Internal Communication Conference to Toronto this October. The elevation of Internal Communication is exactly why we wanted to bring this discussion to Canada.


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