Brand Strategy & Adoption

Your questions

  • How do we create a brand look and feel that sticks?
  • How do we ensure adoption of the brand identity by those in the organization that use it?
  • How do we train employees on what our brand really means?
  • How do we create an Employer Value Proposition that is aligned to our organization’s over-arching brand?

Our solutions

We believe that in order for brands to stick and be adopted successfully, they must be built from the inside out. What does that mean, it means that a brand is more than a logo or tagline, it is a promise we make to our customers, employees and partners about who we are and how we deliver.

We create brands from the inside out

When we’re creating new brands, we ensure research starts with an organization’s mission, vision, strategy and values. We interview leaders and employees to understand an organization’s strengths in order to identify what makes it unique or different in the marketplace. We also interview external stakeholders, customers and look at the competitive landscape. The end result is a brand that stands out and is more likely to be delivered successfully.

We connect the dots between the brand promise and employee delivery

Once we understand the promise a brand makes to its customers and employees, we create clarity around what living the brand looks like in words, actions and decisions. Key messages and strategies can be built to help employees deliver the brand every day.

We ensure your external brand is linked clearly to your internal brand

Most of the organizations we’ve worked for have Employee Value Propositions that are clearly linked to the external brand promise. We believe when EVPs are treated separately from customer delivery, disconnects can occur.

We help create guidelines, tools and templates to make the brand easy to use

Brand programs we’ve worked on are successful because we’ve made it easy for end-users to be consistent. Our guidelines are thorough and written clearly, and our tools and templates leave limited room for error.

The projects

  • We launched the global brand for the International Association of Business Communicators complete with visual identity, value proposition, brand voice and brand personality
  • We created the Loblaw Brand Recipe Book to help define the Loblaw Companies Limited brand and how it worked with its sub-brands
  • We worked with HP, Compaq, and Merisel to launch global brand refresh programs locally in Canada