Employee Engagement

Your questions

  • How do we improve employee engagement in our organization?
  • How do we measure employee engagement?
  • What can we do to engage employees in delivering our strategy, living our values, and creating experiences consistent with our brand promises?
  • How do we make our employees ambassadors of our brand?
Our solutions

Whether it’s a business strategy, a product or program launch, we know that positive employee engagement has a direct impact on bottom-line delivery. We help you evaluate your engagement system and set the right goals to create performance, participation, promotion and pride.

We help you create the right engagement goals

We believe the right engagement goals are the key to your success. What should your business performance look like? How do you want employees to participate? What should they promote? How do you build pride? By creating the right goals and building a plan to deliver them, we can help you succeed.

We evaluate your engagement system and identify the gaps

Sometimes it’s not the plan but the system that is broken. Our engagement evaluation looks at the clarity of your foundational elements including strategies, values, and policies. We understand if your training and communication program is helping employees be aware, understand, act and believe. We ensure your recognition programs are reinforcing the right behaviours. Finally, we ensure you are proactively measuring and sharing success.

We create communication plans that deliver results

Once an engagement plan is built, we help you create a communication plan that helps you deliver results. We create clear and measurable goals, identify stakeholders, create key messages, and build strategies and implementation plans to help you succeed.

We turn your employees into ambassadors

We help you identify the role your employees play in your success. We then communicate in a way that captures their heads, hands and hearts to support your organization successfully. In our experience, employees want to help, they just don’t understand what help is needed and if they have the permission to be proactive. We’ll help you build programs for employee advocacy proactively.

The projects

  • Worked with retailers including Loblaw, HP, Compaq, Merisel and Cantel AT&T to ensure the front-line employees delivered programs and customer experience successfully
  • Train human resources and internal communication professionals on the Employee Engagement Solution and planning
  • Worked with a variety of companies to launch benefit, discount programs, loyalty programs, sales incentive programs and customer experience programs