Internal Communication Audit & Strategy


Your questions

  • Is our existing internal communication working for us?
  • Is internal communication connecting the dots between organizational strategy and employee delivery?
  • Is our team working on the right priorities and projects?
  • Do we have the right infrastructure, resources and tools, in place?
  • What skills do our internal communication and human resources team need to build in order to make communication an advantage for our organization?
  • What technologies can help us influence communication and manage our workload?

Our solutions

For 20+ years, Inner Strength and its team members have been conducting internal communication audits, creating internal communication strategies, and building internal communication teams & infrastructure to help organizations succeed.

We help you prioritize

We work with you to determine the internal communication activities that will work for your organization and those that are simply a waste of time and money. We understand your business, talk to your people, and recommend solutions and strategy to help you succeed.

We build your strategy

We help you build a strategic plan. The plan helps your communication team link internal communication to business goals, identify relevant stakeholder, create key messages, design strategies and implementation plans and measure results.

We supplement your staff with senior, intermediate and junior resources as needed

We’re available to step in to help you deliver strategies and tactics. If you don’t have internal communication support, we can come up with a cost-effective plan to help you deliver as needed. Senior strategists can come in during times of change while junior writers can assist with day-to-day deliverables. This ensure you’ve got the right level of expertise for the right projects.

We train you on the basics

We can train on communication planning and delivery. Many organizations have limited communication staff or have identified human resources or marketing professionals to lead internal communication. In some cases, you want to encourage front-line managers and staff to tell your stories. We can help ensure these groups are successful through training.

We identify new technologies that will help

Our relationships with employee-focused technology companies help us identify solutions that may help you work more effectively and engage employees. Whether its employee apps, internet solutions, employee recognition, employee feedback, employee culture, performance management or ideation solutions, we evaluate what’s out there and recommend the right solution for you. We’ll also let you know when a low-tech approach will be more effective.

The projects

  • Built internal communication infrastructure for Compaq Canada, HP Canada and Loblaw Companies Limited.
  • Helped L.V. Lomas with an audit and internal communication strategy and plan
  • Built multiple intranet sites and worked on employee strategies for more integrated digital workspace solutions
  • Worked with ComDev Inc. to align values with performance
  • Invited by IABC and Advanced Learning Institute to train communication professionals on strategy