Manager Communication & Training

Your questions

  • Employees want to hear news from their front-line managers, how do we prepare them to communicate consistently?
  • How do we train managers to understand their role and be more comfortable with communication?
  • How do we prepare managers to communicate consistently?
  • When do we use a cascade and when should information come directly from the organization or leader to employees?

Our solutions

We believe managers play an important role in employee engagement, retention and strategy-delivery. Although they don’t lead all communication, they should be prepared to answer questions and provide context when necessary to build trust.

We embed the manager in communication plans

Managers play a key role in communication planning. Although they don’t have to lead every corporate conversation, they need to be aware of the important conversations, understand the why behind company decisions, know what they need to do to communicate effectively, and believe in the company direction. There’s nothing worse than the organization saying one thing, while the manager says another. We ensure managers are included in all communication plans.

We train managers to communicate effectively

We provide training to help managers communicate effectively. In order to create connection, managers must have regular contact with their reports; understand the content provided to them or where it is available; and provide context that makes organizational announcements relevant to their departments and teams. Helping them understand their role and how to communicate will help them engage their employees and build trust.

We create trusted tools to prepare managers and help them succeed

Whether it is fact sheets, speaking notes, questions and answers or complete launch toolkits, we help organization’s create the right tools to help managers get up to speed quickly and communicate programs consistently.

The projects

  • Fact sheets for various change initiatives created for many organizations
  • Manager Communication Training with Challenge Factory
  • Manager’s Toolkits for performance planning, new leadership programs and values launches