As organizations make strive to progress on their diversity, inclusion and equity plans, many have identified supplier diversity as a priority step. After all, it may take longer to change the diverse make-up of employees, managers and executives than to hire for diversity and benefit from different perspectives sooner.

But how do you know that a supplier is diverse? The Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Supplier Council is one way to verify minority ownership of the suppliers you choose to do business with.

The Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Supplier Council (CAMSC) facilitates the growth of Aboriginal and minority owned businesses, by connecting them to procurement opportunities with companies and governments committed to a diverse and inclusive supply chain.

Founded in 2004, CAMSC is a not-for-profit organization that certifies and prepares diverse suppliers to successfully engage and respond to corporate and government buyers. At the same time, they help large organizations develop and enhance their inclusive procurement processes, and connect them to certified suppliers.

Having been through the certification process, I can vouch for it’s credibility, ensuring that suppliers have been in business in Canada successfully for a two-year period and are in fact minority owned. We were thrilled to receive certification in April of 2021 and will continue re-certifying in the future.

For Inner Strength Communication, I am also looking actively at the various perspective I bring into my own agency and have taken a look at my habits when choosing my suppliers and partners.

By 2031, one in three Canadians will be Aboriginal or a visible minority, and their economic success is essential to a thriving Canadian economy. Minorities and Aboriginal Peoples are entrepreneurial, buying and starting businesses at significantly higher rates than the Canadian average. CAMSC connects buyers and suppliers, so that organizations benefit from the innovative solutions, cost savings, improved employee retention, local job creation, brand loyalty, and increased revenues that result from a diverse and inclusive supply chain.

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Remember that if one of your DEI KPIs involve hiring diverse suppliers, Inner Strength is CAMSC certified.

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