After a busy year, we are pleased to have launched a new book on Internal Communication and DEI written in collaboration with CommsRebel Founder Advita Patel. The book launched in the UK and Europe on June 3 and in North American June 27. 
Here are some highlights:

The book sold out in Canada. Please be patient while they restock.


We got some great reviews: 





We were listed as the #1 New Release on three weeks before release.




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There has never been a better time to be a strategic internal communication professional. I’m amazed at how many leaders and organizations are reaching out for support to align their employees and internal audiences to help deliver their business goals.
When I started my Communication Career, I never realized there would be so many opportunities to use my skills. As Communication Professionals, we have to understand our stakeholders; educate people about programs and processes; ensure diverse viewpoints are heard; and consult with internal and external partners to help them accomplish their goals.
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