At this time of year, I support organizations wanting to be recognized as Top Employers in Canada. Some have been through the application process and question why they have not been successful, others are stepping in for the first time. What I have learned over the last 20 years, is that all Top Employer Programs are not equal.

- I find the most credible list, the Mediacorp Canada Top 100 Employers in Canada list. This is the most work because it is so thorough. It is an apples-to-apples comparison on a variety of detailed criteria that are relevant to employees. I do love that you enter once in May and you are considered for a myriad of competitions that partner with a variety of media announced across the country throughout the year. There is a small administration fee.

- Canada's Most Admired Corporate Cultures is an interesting one run by Waterstone Human Capital, an executive recruitment firm. I quite like the competitions and process. They focus on a variety of categories and the application is pretty simple. Few organizations are selected each year so how you tell your story is critical. There is no admin fee.

- The Forbes Best Employers lists are based on eNPS (employee Net Promoter Scores) and they select 300-500 employers and is a ranked list based on the scores. What you may not know is that this is a Pay-to-Play list, meaning, if you don't pay them for inclusion, you simply don't get listed. What you are paying for is the Forbes branding and a way to say you landed. I do like the eNPS score though. You will often find that those who are on the Mediacorp list will not bother to pay for the Forbes list.

- The Great Place to Work Institute is an organization that manages Engagement Surveys. They provide a certificate if you meet a foundational engagement score and enter you into other industry vertical competitions. What you should be aware of is that you must be a customer to participate in this list. Again, you need to pay to play.

These competitions could work as part of your engagement strategy. They also can help you identify areas of opportunity if you look at programs and submissions as a continuous improvement process.

If you're looking for a program that is right for your organization, or frustrated at a lack of success, get in touch. Inner Strength offers the following services:
1. A review of all programs in Canada - one hour presentation for your team
2. A review of past submissions or assessment of your organization with recommendations.
3. Support with the submission itself.

DM us to talk about your needs.

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