Sometimes Internal Communication and HR professionals struggle with the difficult conversations that influence leaders. We both have a unique vantage point that puts people first. We understand the nuances and the politics and can often see them objectively.

I had the pleasure of supporting an IC professional in a conversation with leadership recently. We connected the dots to the business. We helped them understand the risks of doing nothing and the rewards of investing. They just sent a lovely note of thanks.

These difficult conversations need:
- Perspective: being able to see the issues through both an employee and leadership lens.
- Planning: Don't go in cold. Starting with the goals and outcomes help make the conversation clear and concise.
- Preparation: It's always good to have Q&As prepared so that you can answer and address any concerns.

Remember. You may not get everything you wanted to negotiate but if you focus on Progress not Perfect, moving forward is a victory and does a lot to increase your own credibility with leaders.

If you need support, feel free to DM and book a few hours or a half day to support and plan. 

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