Although Coffee Chats are not recorded so that attendees have a safe space to drive connection and conversation, we wanted to share some highlights:

Our group talked about being overwhelmed through our recent changes and challenges due to the pandemic. Suzanne, a registered health coach at The Body Rebel, shared some sage advice:

Change your perspective

Are you okay? Take a step back and think about it. Suzanne says that this situation has shifted our collective understanding of what’s normal and that many of us are grieving the loss of the freedoms we used to take for granted, and wonder if things will ever be the same.Women, especially, can be harder on themselves. Acknowledge how you’re feeling and be aware of the language we use with ourselves. Instead of focusing on the negatives, remind yourself of what’s positive.

Be still and breathe

Take a moment to focus on the present. We are often  running as if we are on a deadline, but Suzanne reiterates how we should take the time to be still and breathe. When you feel your anxiety rising or feel overwhelmed, just breathe in deeply through your nose, and out through your mouth. Do this a few times. Also find time to take breaks and to go outside and listen to the birds or enjoy a walk. These moments of stillness will help you focus again. You will feel better when you respect your own pace.

Change your question

When we see colleagues, especially on the endless Zoom calls,, we tend to ask the question “How are you?” But is it a question you are really interested in knowing the answer to? Most people simply answer “I’m fine” or “I’m good,” automatically versus authentically. A good way to change the conversation is by asking “What’s new?” or “What have you been thinking about?” Some other questions that encourage dialogue and allow us to have real conversations include:

  • What is working right now and what isn’t?
  • How can I help?
  • What do you miss and what do you appreciate?

Ask for help

It’s okay not to be okay. Make sure you have someone you can talk to. Many organizations have Employee Assistance Programs. Some governments  and organizations are providing counseling for free, and if it is your health you want to invest and focus on, find a coach like Suzanne to help you through it. For some great resources, join Suzanne’s Facebook group at

The truth is that many of us are experiencing highs and lows during these changes. By taking the time for self reflection, self care and taking care of one another, we can collectively weather the challenges together. 

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