Reflecting on the 5th Annual Strategic Internal Communication Conference

As we prepare for our 6th Annual Strategic Internal Communication Conference in Toronto, I wanted to reflect on last year’s event. 

What did we learn Day 1? 

Nicholas Wardle from Brand Experiences , "That we are human beings not human resources."

Kerry Gaetano, "We need to do fewer things, really well."

Keisha McIntosh, "Relationship building is key to EDI/DEI work."

Vanessa Thompson, "Language matters...we chose to use equity-deserving versus equity-seeking."

Raechel Westesicoot, "Improving internal communication starts with your people."

Andrea Greenhou, "In psychological safe organizations, there is power when we learn from mistakes."
What did we learn Day 2? 
Amanda Sheps, "There are many similar priorities from Canadian IC versus global IC . We have IC focused on strategy yet more concerned with limited resources."

Jordan Beresford, "When we support our employees to tell their own stories, the results can create a SPARK that is consistent and credible."

Brent Artemchuk, "We built a value proposition for returning to our future workplace that included Connection, Collaboration, Creativity and Culture."

Arlene Amitirigala, "The Internal Communication Practitioner - A strategic business partner, connecting our people to our mission and shared values through credible and purpose-driven conversations."

Maliha Aqeel PMP, SCMP, MC, "Purpose-driven communications is grounded in authenticity and meeting the needs of your organization's stakeholders."

Thanks again to our premier sponsor ContactMonkey.
It was great to have the event live again AND be able to welcome folks virtually as well. 

The 2023 Conference has a terrific line-up, takes place November 20-22 and focuses on Transparency & Trust. Make sure you check it out .

I hope you plan to join us. 



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